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We are a team of creatives, artists, developers, and music industry professionals redefining the way we think of our digital presence.

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Our Mission

We aim to empower musicians and creators by offering an easier, more attractive way to utilize the link within their social media bios. Artist Pages makes the creator’s digital presence more efficient, more accessible, and easier to manage. Our integrations and seamless functionality provide creators from any space the tools they need to grow their careers.


Our Story

Pulling from his experiences in both technology and music, Artist Pages founder Adam Pickney realized that standard link hosting sites were not offering the necessary tools for content creators looking to showcase their brands, and maximize their digital footprint. Pickney knew that he had the technology and the knowledge to create a better option. In early 2021, he founded Artist Pages – a comprehensive and attractive way for creators to consolidate all of their pages and apps into one page. He realized that the link in the bio of an artist’s social media account should offer hard data, and an opportunity for a more genuine connection to supporters. After a month of research and development with close industry associates, he began his search for business partners.


Zachary Beck, aka Futuristic, is a rapper and businessman who found major music industry success after perfecting the art of social media marketing and viral video campaigns. Beck’s long-time partner and collaborator, Jakob Owens, is a nationally renowned video director and businessman whose creative direction has assisted in the development of hundreds of artists, including Futuristic. He is also the founder of Tropic Colour and PrismLensFX. When presented with the idea, both Beck and Owens recognized that there was an opportunity to create a platform that could streamline methods of monetization that they had both implemented within their own individual careers.


The beta version of the platform launched in January of 2022, and surpassed all of the founders’ expectations by amassing over one million clicks for beta users within the first two months of launch. As the needs of the modern artist continue to evolve and expand, Artist Pages is committed to evolving to fit the needs of the users. Artist Pages aims to be the new standard in bio link technology for artists across the globe.

MAX Acquires AMAP.to

Music Audience Exchange (MAX), the music technology company powering artist x brand sponsorships, announced that MAX has acquired My Artist Page, known as AMAP.to.

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Artist Pages Partners With Indie Amplify

Artist Pages is excited to announce a partnership with Indie Amplify. Indie Amplify is designed to be the one-stop-shop for anything an independent musician could need to take their career to the next level, and is largely the brainchild of Zachary Beck (aka rapper Futuristic).

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Artist Pages Open To Public

In December 2021, Indie Amplify CTO Adam Pickney, Rapper Zachary Lewis Beck (aka Futuristic), and acclaimed video director and businessman Jakob Owens launched the beta version of their new application, MAPs. MAPs, or My Artist Page, is the landing page generator that will forever change the way artists present themselves, promote their work, and connect with their community.

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