Artist Pages Partners With Tropic Colour To Create Custom Theme

Exemplifying their commitment to artists in the visual space, Artist Pages has officially partnered with Tropic Colour. Tropic Colour is a company founded by renowned video director and businessman Jakob Owens. The company’s ultimate mission is to make high end videography and photography tools affordable and more accessible to the visual art community. These tools include color LUTS, grain filters, title presets, and much more.

To launch the partnership, Tropic Colour has created a custom theme with Artist Pages that is largely focused on video and photo galleries. Tropic Colour has provided textures that users can add directly to their page for an attractive, stylish option to display their work. While the focus is on showcasing video and photo galleries, the theme is available for creators in any space to use.

The modern videographer is so much more than his or her YouTube page. While YouTube continues to dominate the video streaming industry, videographers actually need more platforms and apps than they ever have before. Whether the goal is to sell merchandise, book shoots, or sell stock footage, YouTube is no longer a full solution for a videographer to manage their business. With Artist Pages, creators have the ability to not only get clients to their page, but keep them there. In addition, Pixel tracking allows you to unlock new in-depth data about who your audience is, and how to reach them more effectively. The Tropic Colour and Artist Pages partnership will continue to develop, and ultimately discover more ways for visual creators to monetize their craft.

When asked about the partnership, Owens stated his excitement about the opportunity to create yet another tool designed to make life easier for creators. “I only want to design products that I personally want to use as a creative director,” said Owens. “The Tropic Colour theme is another opportunity for creators to display, and ultimately celebrate their brand.”