Tech Entrepreneur and Music Entertainment Moguls Launch Artist Pages

Artist Pages are the only link landing pages for musicians and influencers who want to showcase their entire digital footprint while delivering a seamless and exceptional user experience.

In December 2021, Indie Amplify CTO Adam Pickney, Rapper Zachary Lewis Beck (aka Futuristic), and acclaimed video director and businessman Jakob Owens launched the beta version of their new application, Artist Pages. Artist Pages, is the landing page generator that will forever change the way artists present themselves, promote their work, and connect with their community.

The goal of Artist Pages is not to change which applications creators use to grow their brand. The goal is to integrate and centrally house every tool that creators are currently using, including Shopify, MailChimp, Klaviyo, FB Pixel, and countless others. Artist Pages is an ever evolving platform that will continue to adjust to the needs of its users.

As the number of applications entertainers need to utilize for growth continues to rise, Artist Pages delivers a streamlined setup in the form of a one-stop URL that is more than a traditional artist profile. Artist Pages beta features include an extensive theme library with opportunity for customization, data analytics, and the ability to support multiple user profiles. Unlike Linktree and other applications that are simply designed to house a collection of links, Artist Pages was designed by artists to be all encompassing and highly stylistic. Artist Pages offers unparalleled usability and conversion rates.

“One link and it’s actually styled and it’s user friendly, being able to change and have a micro site, it’s like a full website at your fingertips where I can promote everything at one time. Super easy to use. It’s not boring.” Says Beck.

Using his years of experience successfully navigating the music industry, Zachary Beck was able to put his stamp on the project by understanding the needs and wants of artists at every level. His ideas for integration and education helped attract a beta user base of high-profile artists, such as Our Last Night and Justina Valentine, as well as up-and-coming artists looking for better marketing alternatives. The response has been overwhelmingly positive in both feel and functionality.

“As creators, we’ve all experienced the struggle of sharing content, videos, music, and our unique personalities using some of the existing link landing pages and it’s never enough. Artist Pages not only makes self-promotion much easier, but it’s also fresh, fun to set up, and it looks so good!”
– Zachary Beck ( Futuristic) – Co Founder, Rapper, Entrepreneur 

Tech entrepreneur Adam Pickney’s latest venture, Indie Amplify, opened his eyes to a gap in the link page market for creators.

Drawing inspiration from his own experiences as a guitar player, graphic designer, and tech entrepreneur, Pickney focused on creating a product that could be beneficial for both artists and their audiences. Having launched Indie Amplify in 2020, he identified that the worlds of tech and entertainment could collide in a much more effective way to solve the challenges faced by artists looking to authentically represent themselves on the internet.

“At Artist Pages, we’re focused on helping artists organize their assets, showcase their talent, and take pride in their online presence. Having started Artist Pages with one of the best teams I’ve ever worked with served as constant inspiration for creating a solution that all artists can access and get results from.”
Adam Pickney – Founder, Tech Entrepreneur, Creator

Jakob Owens brings an entirely different element of creativity and business savvy to the team. Owens is the founder of Tropic Colour and PrismLensFX, in addition to being one of the most renowned video directors in the country. His knack for identifying solutions to problems faced by creatives in the video world immediately sparked his interest in what Artist Pages can offer. The stylistic nature of the application makes it an ideal tool for videographers to showcase their work and highlight their service offerings. There are already over 1,500 video professionals already showcasing themselves on the platform.

“My passion in business is to create products that I personally want to use as a creator. Standard link hosting sites are simply missing the mark on what an effective artist page can be for a creator. Our goal with Artist Pages is to bridge the gap between creators and fans in a way that is stylish and authentic.”
Jakob Owens – Co Founder, Filmmaker, Entrepreneur

For artists and influencers alike, Artist Pages is the number one solution for artists to manage their own landing page. The beta waitlist had over 3,000 artists ready to capitalize on the opportunity, and within the first two months of beta launch.