On Page SEO: What is it? & How to set it up

With Artist Pages, you can control your SEO (search engine optimization) results, as well as customize what your link will look like when shared. In this post, we will break down the different SEO fields, so that you know what they do, and how to set them up.

What Are The Meta Tag Fields?

Meta Tags are html snippets that provide information that tells search engines what your page or site is about. While this data is not visible when viewing your page it tells search crawlers what type of info you are displaying and who they should put your link in front of.

Meta Image:

The image field defines what image you want displayed when your page is shared with someone or on social media and will display where your link is.

  • When creating your SEO image, try to create something that would inspire someone to want to click your link.
  • Although the sizing of the image can vary depending on where its shared a good size to start with is 1200×628 px
  • Don’t overload your image with text. Try to keep it simple and thought provoking


Meta Title:

This is the main page title that will display when your page shows up in search results or shared with someone.

  • Keep this short and simple
  • Use the main wording of your name or business
  • Think of the meta title as the keyword of what your page or site is.


Meta Description:

This is the description that will display when your page is shared and what will tell the search engines what your page is about.

  • Keep this short and simple like the title (Under 155-160 characters)
  • Try and use the same focus keyword used in your meta title
  • Just describe what your page is about, what you do, and services you offer


Now that you know what everything is let’s set it up.

  1. Go into your page builder
  2. Toggle the arrow on the SEO section at the top of your page
  3. Fill out the necessary fields with your content
  4. Click the save page button on the bottom right



Once you have updated your page SEO we suggest going into the FB open graph scraper and get your page a fresh scrape. To do this, just visit this link, enter your URL, and click the debug button. You will be able to review to recent scrape data below to make sure it’s right.