The Link In Bio For Filmmakers

The Tropic Theme, developed in partnership with video director Jakob Owens and his company Tropic Colour, is an Artist Page theme that is specifically focused on the needs of filmmakers. Since its inception, Tropic Colour has set out to simplify the process of creating high quality videos by providing an expansive list of assets. These video assets are practical, user friendly, and offered at an affordable price.

The partnership between Tropic Colour and Artist Pages is designed to give filmmakers yet another tool for growth. Together, the companies have created a theme that is tailored to the needs of the modern filmmaker. The Tropic Theme is the premiere way for video creators to showcase their work.

Who’s Using The Tropic Theme

Since the announcement of the partnership, Artist Pages users have been racing to update their pages with the Tropic Theme. The combination of efficiency and aesthetic appeal has proven to be the perfect solution for filmmakers who don’t just want to get users to their page, but keep them there. Our platform is designed to prevent users from getting drawn into a Youtube hole, and keep their attention on your work. Here is a look at some of our favorite pages currently using the Tropic Theme.



Get To Know The Tropic Theme Features.

Video Galleries.

The Tropic Theme comes with 4 premade video gallery options to help build your portfolio page, and showcase your work in an attractive, effective way. These layouts are designed to allow you to add multiple galleries to your page, while being able to break up each individual section. For your convenience, these galleries are set up to display either Vimeo or Youtube videos, gaining you more views without the risk of someone leaving your page. Click here to learn more about how to add videos to your page.

Video Player

We upgraded the standard video player specifically for the Tropic Theme. Unlike standard video players, we’ve given users the ability to add even more information about their videos to improve the experience. Easily credit contributors and collaborators by adding an in-depth description of your project. These elements keep viewers engaged, and less likely to leave your page. Turn every click into an opportunity to convert viewers into new clients.

20 Tropic Colour Textures.

The right film textures can make or break your video projects. Why not use them to perfect your Artist Page as well? We worked side by side with industry leaders Jakob Owens and Tropic Colour to hand select features and textures for you to implement on your page, giving your page the Tropic Colour feel that has taken the industry by storm. We currently have 4 different categories, with 5 unique textures in each to choose from. Based on its success, we will be expanding upon our current texture offerings very soon.

Photo Galleries.

Our Tropic Theme isn’t just for filmmakers, but for all visual artists. We have created 4 different photo gallery layout options for you to showcase your photography. Showcase one gallery, or multiple galleries, without the risk of losing your viewer to ads or other pages. Whether you are a hobby photographer, or a professional looking to convert viewers to clients, the Tropic Theme has the solution you’ve been looking for.



The Ultimate Link In Bio For Filmmakers

The Tropic Theme gives you features that are in addition to the core Artist Pages builder options and integrations, so you never have to choose between them. We give you all the tools needed to create your portfolio site, and make it easy for viewers to contact you directly without ever having to leave your page. It’s that simple.