How To Create Your First Page

When you create an account, your first page is already there for you to start customizing!

View Your Pages

Upon first login, you will be taken to your dashboard home page. From your dashboard, click “My Pages” in the menu to get started adding content to your main page.

From this dashboard page, you can view a list of pages you have created in your site. To get started customizing your main page hover over (or click on mobile) the page that’s already in your dashboard. From here you can copy the link to your page to share or edit the page content. For now, click on the “Edit Page” button you see on hover to start using the Page Builder.

Edit Your Profile

The Page Builder is the core of your pages. It allows you to add customizable sections to your page with different types of content.

Initially see the profile section pre-loaded into your page. Your profile lets you add an introduction to yourself for your visitors. Hover over the profile section in your builder and click to add your profile content.

Add Your Content

You can edit your content in the left navigation page that opens when you click on a section.

First, add your Profile Photo. You an image to use by dragging a photo from your computer directly onto the dashboard, or click the “Upload Files” tab in the popup then “Select Files” and choose a file from your computer to add. Click “Select” in the bottom right corner of the popup to add your photo. Your photo will appear as a circle on your page, so crop the image to your liking after uploading.

Next, add your Display Name & Bio. Your display name can be your real name or an alias, whichever will be more recognizable to your visitors. Make your bio a short & sweet introduction to yourself. You’ll have the opportunity to add more content to your page later with the other section options.

If you wish you can also add a cover photo to appear inside the divider behind your profile information.

You can also add a profile button by clicking the checkbox in the profile builder. This can be a number of options, including a URL, Email Address, Phone Number, Text Number, Contact Form, or Mailchimp subscription form. Choose your button option from the dropdown and fill in the fields that appear based on your selection.

Note: If you want to set up a contact or Mailchimp signup form, you must first visit the “Settings” page to enable those integrations.

You can update your page at any time by you can clicking “Save Changes” in the bottom right of the page.

View Your Page

After you’ve updated your page, you can click “View Page” at the top of your dashboard at any time to open your live page in a new window.

Add More Content

You can add additional sections to your page by clicking “Add New Section” at the bottom of the page builder. You can also add a new section to your existing page content by hovering over an existing section and clicking the Plus (+) icon to add a section above.

To remove a section, hover over the section you want to delete and click the Minus (-) icon, then confirm.

You have a variety of options of different types of content you can add to your page. Below is a quick summary of what type of content can be added in each section:

  • Links – Add external links to a website of your choice
  • Video – Add a single YouTube video
  • Events – Add a list of your upcoming events, including ticket purchase links
  • Services – Add links to your Indie Amplify services, and more
  • Streaming Services – Add links to your Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube channels, and more
  • Images – Add single or multiple images with links
  • Content – Add custom headings, formattable text, and buttons to your page
  • Call To Action – Point visitors where you want them to visit most
  • Merch – Add links to your products for sale
  • Mailchimp Signup – Simply add a Mailchimp signup form to your page. Note: Configure your Mailchimp integration on the Settings page before adding this section.
  • Shopify – Integrate with your Shopify account to easily add products to your page. Note: Configure your Shopify integration on the Settings page before adding this section.
  • Gallery – Add a portfolio image gallery to feature your recent work
  • Video Gallery – Add multiple YouTube videos that will open up right inside of our page
  • Spotify Embed – Easily embed a Spotify song or playlist


Have fun!

You should now be familiar with your page builder. Add as much content as you want to your main page, or if you have Navigation enabled on the Settings page you can add multiple pages each with unique content!