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How To Add Social Media Links & Site Logo

Easily add links to all of your social media accounts directly from your dashboard!

You can also add a site logo to all of your pages.

Your social links & logo will automatically appear in the footer on all of your pages.

To get started visit the settings page. [ insert link here ]


Find the “Add Social Media Links & Logo” section click the “Activate” button.

Edit your Social & Logo settings

On the Settings page in the “Add Social Media Links & Logo” section click the “Settings” button to edit your Social Links & Site Logo.

Add a site logo

Easily add a logo or image to your footer.

  1. Enable: In the left navigation pane, click the slider next to “Custom Logo” to enable your logo image.
  2. Upload your image: Click “Add Image” then either select from an image you’ve already uploaded or upload a new image to use.
    • When uploading an image, you can either click the “Upload files” tab and click “Select files” to upload an image from your computer, or simply open the file on your computer and drag it onto the upload window.
    • After your image has been uploaded, click “Select” in the bottom right to select that particular image.
    • Note: For best display results, upload a .png image with a transparent background. Your image will automatically be resized to fit in your footer. View the article below for more information on image best practices.
Add your social links

Easily add your social links to your footer.

  1. Enable: In the left navigation pane, click the slider next to “Social Media Links” to enable your social icons.
  2. Add social platforms
    • Click the “Add Social Media Link” button to add a new social platform.
    • Choose your social media logo from the provided list and add the URL for your social profile.
    • Note: Contact support if you do not see your intended social media logo option in the list.
Save changes

Click the “Save Changes” button in the bottom right of the dashboard to update your page.


We’re always happy to help with anything you might need to make your experience in the Artist Pages platform as easy as possible. Submit a Support Ticket or contact our Support Staff directly.

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